Ministry – AmeriKKKant Review

Ministry - AmeriKKKant

Artist: Ministry
Album: AmeriKKKant
Genre: Industrial Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release Date: March 9, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Al Jourgensen has returned with one of the best Ministry albums in years.  Uncle Al, the undisputed godfather of industrial rock has reclaimed his title as the rightful king of blistering industrial metal with AmeriKKKant. Filled with social commentary, Al has something to be angry about again, and this time it’s none other than U.S. President, Donald Trump. In fact most of this album is an outright smack in the mouth to the current administration and the policies of political corruption. Of course, Ministry is no stranger to this territory, after all, there was a whole trilogy about the George W. Bush presidency. Now, depending on your political views, you may absolutely love or hate the subject matter of AmeriKKKant. I would assume that the title and album cover should be enough warning to those who are right-leaning politically. Like him or hate him, Al Jourgensen stands up for what he believes and stands behind his convictions. Musically, this album is much more solid than the last few releases. A large part of this is because Al has brought back some of the great musicians that have contributed to the lineup in the past. Sin Quirin and Cesar Soto do a great job as the tag team guitarists. Tony Campos is back and the heavy bass he brings really adds to the low-end of these songs. Derek Abrams drumming is a real shot in the arm, as opposed to the drum machines used frequently on the last few albums. Without a doubt, my favorite track on AmeriKKKant is Antifa. It’s hard hitting and brooding. It should easily appeal to fans of Ministry‘s hits N.W.O. and Just One Fix. Victims Of A Clown is a great track that builds in intensity and power. We’re Tired Of It is another brutally heavy delivery of musical napalm that simply dares you to try and sit still as the musical fire burns hotter and hotter. Twilight Zone is filled with Trump samples, blistering vocals and heaviness throughout that clocks in at over 8 minutes long. It brings to mind the Filth Pig sound for me. Wargasm is another superior track that again hearkens back to the greatness of albums like Psalm 69 and Rio Grande Blood. But, lest you think this album is a pure throwback to the past, think again. There is a lot going on musically with AmeriKKKant. If anything it sounds like an updated Ministry on steroids. Al is an incredible producer and mixer and it shows here. The sound quality is excellent throughout and Al likes to bring his cool sonic vision to these songs. Listen to the album with headphones and you’ll get the full effect. If heavy music is your thing, do yourself a favor and go buy this album right now. No one does this type of music better than Ministry. No one!


Track Listing:                         

1. I Know Words

2. Twilight Zone

3. Victims Of A Clown

4. TV 5/4 Chan

5. We’re Tired Of It

6. Wargasm

7. Antifa

8. Game Over

9. AmeriKKKa


Band Members:

Al Jourgensen, guitars, vox;
John Bechdel, keyboards;
Sin Quirin, guitars;
Tony Campos, bass;
Cesar Soto,guitars;
Derek Abrams, drums;
DJ Swamp, turntables


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