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Members Of L.A. Guns Settle Dispute Over Band Name

Members Of 80s Rockers L.A. Guns Settle Dispute Over Band Name

Rockers L.A. Guns have finally settled a dispute over who owns the rights to the name L.A. Guns. There have been two versions of L.A. Guns recording and touring over the last couple of years, with one version featuring original guitarist Tracii Guns and Singer Phil Lewis who has been with the band since the debut album, and the second version featuring drummer Steve Riley who recruited former L.A. Guns members Kelly Nickels and Scotti Griffin along with vocalist Kurt Frolich after the band members split into two camps. L.A. Guns had several top hits that received radio airplay and they also received heavy rotation on MTV during the 80s.

The information about the settlement is listed below:

Plaintiffs Tracii Guns and Philip Lewis and defendants Stephen Riley, Kelly Nickels, Kurt Frolich, and Scott Griffin have agreed to settle the trademark litigation currently pending in the U.S. District Court in the Central District of California. Under the terms of the settlement agreement, the parties have agreed to dismiss the pending lawsuit. Mr. Guns and Mr. Lewis will continue to operate under the “L.A. Guns” trademark, while Mr. Riley and his bandmates will now operate under the new name, “Riley’s L.A. Guns” and a new logo. Both bands look forward to continuing to record and perform their new music, as well as continuing to include songs from the vintage L.A. Guns catalog for their fans. Both groups’ recordings will continue to appear together on Spotify and other digital music streaming services. –Attorneys Erik J. Foley and G. Warren Bleeker, counsel for Tracii Guns and Philip Lewis; and Attorney S. Martin Keleti, counsel for Stephen Riley, et al.

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