Marduk -Viktoria (Review)

Marduk -Viktoria (Review)


I’ll be one of the first to admit that Black or Blackened Metal is not my favorite genre. I’ve really only enjoyed listening to a small handful of these bands including Satyricon, Abbath and Marduk.  Marduk’s latest album is brutally heavy and infectious.  The opening track “Werwolf” is one of my favorites and will immediately make you want to bang your head.  I know the band has taken some grief about possible Nazism in their lyrics. The band have said they have no affiliation with Nazism while others say they do.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to know the truth about most things in the world today so I’m not going to touch on the lyrical content at all. But musically, this album rips and shreds like it’s going for your jugular. This one of the best blackened metal albums I have ever heard.  The band sounds tight and the production is very good. Stand out tracks for me are Werwolf, Narva, The Last Fallen and the title track “Viktoria”.  I like the fact that the band has traditional black metal roots but seems willing to experiment with the sound enough to make it truly unique among the genre. If heavy, brutal metal is your thing….you’ll need to add Marduk’s Viktoria to your collection ASAP. This is definitely the best black metal album released so far in 2018.

Artist: Marduk
Album: Viktoria
Genre: Metal
Label: Century Media
Release Date: June 22, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron

Track Listing:

Werwolf 2:03
June 44 3:50
Equestrian Bloodlust 2:52
Tiger I 4:13
Narva 4:31
The Last Fallen 4:26
Viktoria 3:06
The Devil’s Song 3:47
Silent Night 4:13

Band Members:

Mortuus – vocals
Morgan – guitars
Devo – bass
Fredrik – drums

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