Lords Of Acid – Pretty In Kink (Review)

Lords Of Acid - Pretty In Kink (Review)


My first experience with Lords of Acid came in the late 80′ early 90’s. Whenever the local progressive clubs’ DJ would spin “I Sit On Acid” everyone in the place would go wild. People would rush to the dance floor as as the intro started. Prior to that time most of my music had been that of metal and hard rock bands, but I quickly became exposed to a lot of great electro, industrial and techno bands that had a super heavy beat.  This was my crossover, so to speak to a new world of underground music at the time. Bands like Ministry, Nitzer Ebb and Lords Of Acid were building a cult like following, strictly in the underground dance club scene. Being an avid music collector, I naturally sought out the Lord of Acid CD that contained “I Sit on Acid”. I was hooked on the sound and have continued to pick up everything the band has put out since. Praga Khan is the mastermind behind and the originator of Lords Of Acid. Filled with tongue in cheek humor and tales of sex, debauchery and BDSM, what’s not to like? Lords of Acid are everything rock music aspires to be. I’m happy to report that the latest album, “Pretty In Kink” is no exception to the rule. Starting out with the dark dance track, Break Me, you’re in for the kind of musical ride that only Lords Of Acid can provide.  My favorite tracks are Sex Cam Girl, Flow Juice, Like Pablo Escobar and My Demons Are Inside. If you’re already a fan of the band, then you already have a good idea of what to expect both musically and lyrically. For those that are new to the scene, Pretty In Kink delivers the message that Lords Of Acid revels in. With dance club songs covering the full spectrum of sexual taboos, hedonism and the glory of freedom, Lords of Acid have once again delivered a great album to get horny too. This is another masterpiece in the  discography of a band that creates musical audio porn.

Artist: Lords Of Acid
Album: Pretty In Kink
Genre: Electronic Rock
Label: Metropolis
Release Date: May 18, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Track Listing:

1. Break Me 4:15
2.- Ma Fille De Joie 3:32
3. Sex Cam Girl 4:14
4. Flow Juice 4:07
5. Like Pablo Escobar 3:01
6. Before the Night is Over 4:07
7. Androgyny 3:58
8. Goldfinger 4:52
9. What the Fuck! 3:14
10. So Goddamn Good 4:19
11, My Demons Are Inside 3:28
12. We Are The Freaks 3:57

Band Members:

Praga Khan – synthesizers and programming, backing vocals
Galen Waling – drums
Erhan Kurken – guitars
Marieke Bresseleers – lead vocals
Doggy Dave – bass

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