Lordi – Recordead Live Sextourcism In Z7 (Review)

Lordi - Recordead Live Sextourcism In Z7 (Review)

Artist: Lordi
Album: Recordead Live Sextourcism In Z7
Genre: Metal
Label: AFM Records
Release Date: July 26, 2019
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Well, what can you say about Lordi?  If you’ve never heard them before, the best way that I can describe them is if you took GWAR, KISS, Rob Zombie and Steel Panther and blended them all together.  Everything that the band does has a tongue in cheek style of humor to it.  While horror-themed, the band is known more for a raunchy sense of humor ala Steel Panther with a morbid twist on it.  This live recording is a pretty good document of what the band brings both in musical style and theatrical ridiculousness.  There are songs represented here throughout the band’s career from their first album all the way through their latest studio album “Sexorcism” which was the basis for this tour.  So, you could certainly look at this a live career retrospective to this point.  I always found Lordi a little more listenable than GWAR and their costumes, while campy are quite detailed.  Fans of the band should eat this up because it’s Lordi doing what they do best.

I have to believe that somewhere out there, Lordi is Beavis & Butthead’s new favorite band.   But, seriously the band does have musical talent and they often create melodies that will stay in your head and haunt you long after it’s over.  If you have an interest in immature musical themes or horror mixed with metal music, you should be all over this album.

Track Listing:

01 – Sexorcism | 02 – Would You Love A Monsterman | 03 – Missing Miss Charlene/House Of Ghosts | 04 – Your Tongue’s
Got The Cat | 05 – Heaven Sent Hell On Earth | 06 – Mr. Killjoy | 07 – Mana Solo | 08 – Rock The Hell Outta You | 09 – Blood
Red Sandman | 10 – It Snows In Hell | 11 – Hella Solo | 12 – She’s A Demon | 13 – Slashion Model Girls | 14 – Naked In My
Cellar | 15 – Rock Police | 16 – Ox Solo | 17 – Hug You Hardcore | 18 – Scg9: The Documented Phenomenon | 19 – Evilyn | 20 –
The Riff | 21 – Amen Solo | 22 – Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein | 23 – Who’s Your Daddy | 24 – Devil Is A Loser | 25 –
Hard Rock Hallelujah

Band Members:

Mr. Lordi (vocals), Mr. Amen (guitars), Mr. Ox (bass), Mr. Mana (drums), Ms. Hella (keyboards)

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