Liv Sin – Burning Sermons (Review)

Liv Sin - Burning Sermons


Liv Sin, featuring the former vocalist for “Sister Sin” has come out swinging with their sophomore album “Burning Sermons”.   Wasting no time, “Blood Moon Forever” kicks it all off with an in-your-face, full-on metal track with a catchy chorus.  If you were a fan of Sister Sin, this album will remind why you were.  While I thoroughly enjoyed Liv Sin‘s debut album, this one is absolutely spectacular and far superior in every way.  One reason is that the band sounds like they now have real chemistry, playing together.  The sound is tight and heavy, which has provided both whiplash beats and catchy melodic musical phrases that allow Liv Jagrell to really give these songs the star treatment.  You’ll find riffs that would make Judas Priest proud as the guitar duo of Patrick Ankermark and Chris Bertzell simply shred throughout its entirety.   The thundering bass of Tomie Winther and pounding drums of Pen Njevoluk, deliver the heavy backbone to deliver songs that should chart on the Richter scale. The lyrical content also seems to be a little more imaginative this time around.  If you like classic metal, there’s no way that you won’t really dig this album.  “Burning Sermons” feels like a complete album from beginning to end with all great tracks and no filler.  Standout songs include “War Antidote”, Blood Moon Forever” and “Hope Begins To Fade”.  Liv Jagrell seems to have arisen from the ashes like the mythical Phoenix to deliver one of the best straight-ahead metal albums of 2019.


Artist: Liv Sin
Album: Burning Sermons
Genre: Metal
Label: Despotz Records
Release Date: September 6, 2019


Track Listing:

01 Blood Moon Fever 3:15
02 Chapter Of The Witch 4:22
03 Hope Begins To Fade 4:09
04 War Antidote 3:45
05 At The Gates Of The Abyss 3:58
06 Slave To The Machine 3:39
07 The Sinner 2:58
08 Death Gives Life Meaning 4:21
09 Ghost In The Dark 3:54
10 Dead Wind Intermezzo 5:04


Band Members:

Liv Jagrell – Vocals
Patrick Ankermark – Guitars
Chris Bertzell – Guitars
Tomie Winther – Bass
Per Bjevoluk – Drums