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Like Old-School Metal? Check Out Skull Fist’s New Video For “Madman”

Like Old-School Metal? Check Out Skull Fist's New Video For "Madman"

Since their steely inception back in 2006, dungeon keeper Zach Schottler (AKA Zach Slaughter) and his shredding band of reckless companions in SKULL FIST have released three classic heavy metal almanacs, have eaten more dust than is good for their health, have endured various hardships and propped up countless beers at countless bars in countless cities. But now, after fifteen years of metal and mayhem, Schottler is coming into his own with the proverbially titled Paid In Full album, a heavy metal wonder of the defiant middle finger variant. Delivering tales of steel and legends from the underworld, Paid In Full was written at home, recorded at Vespa Studios near Toronto, and encompasses Schottler’s sonic efforts of the past two years. With heads held high, empty pockets, and enough gas to make the next show, SKULL FIST has won 2022. Don’t mess with the FIST. The FIST is the law!
“…through these eight tracks, you can expect the intertwining of killer licks, catchy melodies, high register vocals, groovy/energetic tempo action, and x factor mechanics that keep the songs etched deep into your soul… Still reigning high for the NWOTHM brigade.” — Dead Rhetoric “…a tried-and-true heavy metal machine. Period. And on… Paid In Full, they fully cement the deal.” — Nine Circles “Thirty-four minutes of true, old-school heavy metal… Full of pounding rhythms, driving riffs, delicious solos, and catchy choruses.” — Wonderbox Metal


Zach Slaughter – vocals, guitar

Casey Guest – bass

JJ Tartaglia – drums

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