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Lead Singer For Men At Work Releases New Song “Love Is Everywhere

Lead Singer For Men At Work Releases New Song "Love Is Everywhere

“Love Is Everywhere”

And it is. You may have to look at simple things for a bit longer to feel it, but it’s there. Of course there are heinous acts of oppression and cruelty being committed all the time, all over the world, by all kinds of people. I think what this song is attempting to counter, by at least some measure, is the end result of the continued tragic global catastrophe of separation. The colossal calamity of believing yourself to be separate from everything and everybody else. Refusing to consider the possibility that we all are part of this planet’s structural fabric. Every day I feel love, and I’m happy that I do.
— Colin

I thought I could get away with not writing any text to accompany this video, but apparently not. The song is called “Love Is Everywhere”, and I didn’t know what kind of video to make. So we asked for the help of one Chad Fischer, my friend and best man, whose talent knows no bounds. My involvement was to go down to Chad’s place and shoot me singing and playing the song a few times, in different clothes, in front of a green screen. He did the rest. He did all the heavy lifting. May I say he did a beautiful job. Still, I knew he would, he was my best man. Did I mention that already? 
— Colin

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