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L.A. GUNS – Cocked And Loaded Live (Review)

L.A. GUNS - Cocked And Loaded Live (Review)

L.A. Guns Return To Perform A Live Rendition That's True To The Album

Review: L.A. Guns has a solid track record of making sleaze-filled hard rock and, in my opinion, Cocked And Loaded is one of their best albums.  This live version stays close to the vest and is about as true to the original sound as a live performance can be.  However, the things that make it true to the original, turn out to be the weakest parts as well.  Without a lot of variation, I’m more likely to just listen to the studio album.  The bands’ performance is as fiery as ever and Phil Lewis shows no signs of aging with a still impeccable sounding voice.  Tracii Guns rips his way through song after song and blistering solo after solo. I mean, honestly, there’s nothing wrong with this album at all, The sound quality is pretty damn good, it’s just so close to the actual album, that I’m left wanting something a little more. The guys do what they do best here and there’s no denying that, it just doesn’t seem like an essential album by an incredibly talented band that continues to make great new music. Tracklist: Slap In The Face Rip And Tear Sleazy Come Easy Go Never Enough Malaria The Ballad Of Jayne Magdalaine Give A Little Speed 17 Crash Showdown (Riot On Sunset) Wheels Of Fire I Wanna Be Your Man Line-up: Tracii Guns Phil Lewis Scot Coogan Ace Von Johnson Johnny Martin

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