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Kreek – Kreek (Review)

Kreek - Kreek (Review)
Kreek - Kreek (Review)


Antony Ellis, Former Bigfoot vocalist has returned with Kreek to bring us a slice of bluesy hard rock goodness.  This album is a mixed bag for me. Overall, it’s a solid hard rock album but it seems to be missing something and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what.  It may be simply a case of the band members not having the time to build real chemistry together. Sort of the way some sports teams put together great players but they don’t make the championship immediately.  Kreek has a lot of potential and Antony Ellis is a solid vocalist. My personal opinion is that Kreek’s second album will be really be something special. Their self-titled debut is good but falls just a little short of great. Having said that, Kreek have put together some really groovy tunes. Outstanding tracks for me are Missles, Meet Your Maker, and One Voice. The album has a nice 70’s and 80’s vibe, returning to the glory days of hard rock sounds.  I’m looking forward to hearing what the band does next. Perhaps this release was rushed just a bit. It’s still a gem but could have benefited from being slightly more polished. 

At The Bottom Of Hell
Meet Your Maker
Million Dollar Man
One Voice
Man On My Shoulder
Stand Together
Down ‘N Dirty
Get Up

You’re On Your Own

Antony Ellis – Vocals
Nick Clarke – Guitar
Seb Sweet – Drums
Lee Andrews – Bass

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