Kee Marcello: Scaling Up

Artist: Kee Marcello
Album: Scaling Up
Genre: Hard Rock / Melodic Metal
Label: Frontiers Music srl.
Release Date: October 14, 2016


I imagine that most people know Kee Marcello as the guitarist for the multi-platinum selling band Europe. But, he’s a lot more than just a guitarist. An accomplished song writer, composer and vocalist. Kee Marcello essentially shows us a variety of the skills that he has at his disposal and the end result is quite spectacular. Beginning with the opening track, Black Hole Star, we get a taste of full steam ahead rock. It’s a great energetic song to start the album off with. On The Radio mentions the band Journey in the lyrics and I can see where this track is probably also a tribute to their influence on him as well. Wild Child and Don’t Know How To Love No More come from Marcello’s past, as they were both demo songs that were created but not used for Europe‘s Prisoners In Paradise album. There are some great rockers and some great ballads on Scaling Up. Kee Marcello shows that he is equally masterful at crafting both types of songs throughout this impressive release. The album closes out with a really gritty, hard rock song entitled Blow by Blow. Without a doubt, this is a solid multi-faceted rock album that should please fans of Kee’s former band, Europe as well fans of hard rock and the melodic metal bands of the 80’s.

Track Listing:
01. Black Hole Star
02. On the Radio
03. Don’t Miss You Much
04. Fix Me
05. Wild Child
06. Finger on the Trigger
07. Soldier Down
08. Scandinavia
09. Good Men Gone Bad
10. Scaling Up
11. Don’t Know How to Love No More
12. Blow by Blow

Band Members:

Kee Marcello: Guitars/Keys/Vocals
Ken Sandin: Bass
Darby Todd: Drums
Special guests:
Mattias Eklundh – guitar on “Good Men Gone Bad”
Michele Luppi – keyboards on “Wild Child”

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