Jungle Rot – Jungle Rot (Review)



Jungle Rot is currently celebrating their 25th year as a band and their new self-titled album may just be the best of their career.  You can’t go wrong with this brilliant metal masterpiece.  I have long touted Jungle Rot as one of the best in a genre that includes Kreator, Exodus, Testament, Overkill, Destruction and more.  It’s raw in your face, straight up metal, but it’s also done with technical prowess and the results are pure bliss for any headbanger. Send Forth Oblivion bursts out of the gate immediately as the first track on the album and it’s an explosive way to start the record. Rhythmically, it reminds me a lot of Ministry‘s heavy riffing, which I happen to rank among my favorites. Great tracks include A Burning Cinder, Triggered,  and a great cover of Kreator’s Terrible Certainty.   Musically, the band is on fire and sound as tight as ever. The sound quality and production on this album is primed for metal ears and sounds absolutely terrific. Heavy and brutal throughout, Jungle Rot‘s self titled album is one of the best metal albums released in 2018, thus far.

Artist: Jungle Rot
Album: Jungle Rot
Genre: Metal
Label: Victory Records
Release Date: July 20, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron

Track Listing:

1 – Send Forth Oblivion
2 – Delusional Denial
3 – A Burning Cinder
4 – Triggered
5 – Fearmonger (featuring Schmier)
6 – Stay Dead
7 – Glory For The Fallen
8 – Pumped Full Of Lead
9 – Twisted Mind
10 – Terrible Certainty (Kreator)

Band Members:

Dave Matrise: Vocals/Guitars
James Genenz: Bass
Geoff Bub: Lead Guitar/Vocals

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