Judas Priest – Firepower Review

Get A Taste Of Firepower From The Upcoming Judas Priest Album

Artist: Judas Priest
Album: Firepower
Genre: Metal
Label: Sony /CBS Records
Release Date: March 9, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


The mighty Judas Priest have returned with their latest album “Firepower”. Let me tell you, this is one hell of a great record. Firepower is easily the best outing of the band since their reunion with Rob Halford. Opening the album with the title track, Judas Priest make sure you’re going to be blown away with the first listen. While there’s not a bad song anywhere to be found here, I do have my favorites. Stand out tracks for me are Firepower, Lightning Strike, Necromancer, Children of the Sun and Spectre. But honestly, listening to this whole album is a treat unto itself. This album belongs and deserves to be ranked with the best of the albums that Judas Priest have recorded throughout their now 48 year run. Yes, that’s right Judas Priest actually started in 1969, so that’s actually now almost 49 years since they began. And while that’s very hard to believe, what’s even harder to believe is that the band can make an album as epic as Firepower this far into their stellar career. Firepower has the signature Priest sound that you know from great albums like British Steel, Screaming For Vengeance, Defenders Of The Faith and Painkiller. Listening to the twin guitar work of Glen Tipton and Richie Faulkner is as good as metal gets. Scott Travis and Ian Hill deliver the low end boom to make this one a monster. Rob Halford sounds like he did in the early 80’s, still masterfully hitting the high notes and delivering a wicked vocal performance throughout the entire album.  The songwriting is top notch and the production is simply a masterpiece. Just listen to Halford scream in the intro to the song Firepower. I especially want to thank Glen Tipton for his contribution to this magnificent album. It was recently announced that he wouldn’t be touring with Priest right now from complications of Parkinson’s Disease. Apparently, Glen has been battling the disease for many years and worked laboriously to create and record all of his parts on Firepower to perfection. If that’s not metal, then I don’t know what is. Thank you Judas Priest for once again “delivering the goods“.  Not only does the legend of Judas Priest continue on, it also continues grow with one of the best albums of their career. Firepower is a must have addition to any metal heads collection.

Track Listing:

01. Firepower
02. Lightning Strike
03. Evil Never Dies
04. Never the Heroes
05. Necromancer
06. Children of the Sun
07. Guardians
08. Rising from Ruins
09. Flame Thrower
10. Spectre
11. Traitors Gate
12. No Surrender
13. Lone Wolf
14. Sea of Red

Band Members:

Rob Halford
Glenn Tipton
Richie Faulkner
Ian Hill
Scott Travis

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