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Johnny Thunders – Que Sera Sera Resurrected 3 CD Box Set (Review)

Johnny Thunders - Que Sera Sera Resurrected 3 CD Box Set (Review)
Johnny Thunders - Que Sera Sera Resurrected 3 CD Box Set (Review)



Former New York Dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders gets the deluxe treatment in this excellent box set. Truly a piece of rock n’ roll history, this box set covers a good portion of songs some previously released as well as unheard gems from his solo career. The original Que Sera Sera album was released in 1985 and only had ten tracks. Of course, you get the original album along with extra added tracks, but you also get the nicely remixed version and a live album of great tracks from that time period.  Johnny Thunders was a big influence on many performers including Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses. Great box sets like this help to keep legendary figures of the rock underground alive, at least in a musical sense for future generations to enjoy and be inspired by. While the tracklist may look like the same songs over and over, it isn’t and I highly enjoyed the different versions and takes of these songs as they often reflect a different take on creativity as the songs evolved somewhat or changed. This is a great set worthy of being any part of a New York Dolls or Johnny Thunders fan collection.

DISC 1: Resurrected: Alone In A Crowd, Countdown Love, Blame It On Mom, Talk About You, M.I.A., Little Bit Of Whore, Short Lives, I Only Wrote This Song For You, Cool Operator, Billy Boy, Endless Party, Que Sera Sera. Extras: Copy Cat, Blame It On Mom (outtake), Taking You Up Avenue D, Short Lives (outtake), I Only Wrote This Song For You (outtake), Cool Operator (first version)

DISC 2: Live in Europe: Geneva: Blame It On Mom, M.I.A., Cool Operator, Personality Crisis, Countdown Love, Little Bit of Whore, Amsterdam: Short Lives, So Alone, Sad Vacation, Too Much Junkie Business, Little Bit of Whore, Born To Lose, Chinese Rocks, Lyon: Countdown Love, Just Another Girl, Talk About You, Alone In A Crowd, It’s Alright (Blame It On Mom)

DISC 3: The original album: Short Lives, M.I.A., I Only Wrote This Song For You, Little Bit of Whore, Cool Operator, Blame It On Mom, Tie Me Up, Alone In A Crowd, Billy Boy, Endless Party, Cool Operator (Black Cat mix), Short Lives (Heavenly ver.), Short Lives (Johnny’s remix), Que Sera Sera

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