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Is AC/DC’s Long Awaited Power Up Album Worth The Wait? Read Our Review To Find Out…

After a few rocky years that had the band’s future in question, AC/DC are back on Nov. 13th, 2020 with their 17th studio release Power Up, a 12 song slab of blues-infused rock and roll. Angus got the band back together, including Stevie Young who is stepping in for the late Malcolm Young.

As excited as we tend to get for every new AC/DC release, Power Up comes across as just mediocre. If you are a long time fan of AC/DC, you know what to expect and you either dig it or you don’t. If you are a relative newcomer, then this disc will probably get lost and forgotten in your collection after a couple of spins. They have a well-proven formula that has worked for them for decades but on the outside looking in, there really is nothing stand out about Power Up, other than it’s AC/DC. Everybody is firing on all cylinders, but haven’t we been here before?

While most of us have seen the video for Shot in the Dark, when you first hit play – Realize, Rejection, and Shot in the Dark tend to blend. Typical AC/DC easy-going blues riffs. Nothing wrong with that of course, but again, nothing stands out. The disc does start to pick up with the damn near sing-a-long melodic Through the Mists of Time, followed by Kick You When You’re Down, Witch’s Spell, and my favorite track Demon Fire (Mists is a close second). These songs represent the best of the disc, as it tends to sink back into the same ‘ol same ‘ol neighborhood with Wild Reputation.

Anyone slobbering for new tunes will be overjoyed with this release. As it starts to grow on you, it also starts its descent into blandness.

AC/DC Power Up Tracklisting:

  1. Realize 3:37
  2. Rejection 4:06
  3. Shot in the Dark 3:06
  4. Through the Mists of Time 3:32
  5. Kick You When You’re Down 3:10
  6. Witch’s Spell 3:42
  7. Demon Fire 3:30
  8. Wild Reputation 2:54
  9. No Man’s Land 3:39
  10. Systems Down 3:12
  11. Money Shot 3:05
  12. Code Red 3:31


Review By CrpnDeth™


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