Industrial Metallers Syd.31 Announce New Album “Walk Amongst Rebels”

Industrial Metallers Syd.31 Announce New Album "Walk Amongst Rebels"

Manchester, UK Industrial Metal/Punk artists Syd.31 will release their second album, Walk Amongst Rebels. 

Walk Amongst Rebels is about survival and overcoming what life throws at you. After dealing with the loss of his home, job, loved ones, and relationship in a short span. Dr. Magic, founder/vocalist of Syd.31 explains what went into the making of the album…

This is my first biographical album, true stories based on horrible situations I’ve faced, every time I thought my entire world was ending. I’ve gone back to all the bands I was in love with during these times to re-live the sounds and feel of those punk and metal anthems that got me through it. It’s messy, I cry during takes and made myself sick, but I love every moment. I want others to feel their trauma through this album and realize everything is gonna be ok, that whatever is thrown at you.

Featuring nasty guitar riffs, stomping beats, and filthy basslines, Walk Amongst Rebels incites anger, duress, and civil disobedience. The music video for the first single Bulldoze Everything can be seen below.

Syd.31 is a project formed by frontman and producer Dr. Magic as a showcase for his songwriting and a desire to create an exciting sound that he would love to watch. Bored of paying big bucks to watch formulaic bands; he decided to merge his love of hardcore punk, industrial metal, and sickly sweet pop music to create angry, powerful anthems design to connect with freaks, weirdos, and outsiders. Armed with punk vitriol, a rock ‘n roll swagger and backed by the feral stage crew, Syd.31 is now set to make waves in the US after smashing the UK. Expect BIG things.

Industrial Metallers Syd.31 Announce New Album "Walk Amongst Rebels"

















1.Being Human

2. Walk Amongst Rebels

3. Hate Is A Goldmine

4. Unrepentant Anger

5. Angel 41

6. Fighting For Our Future

7. Scavenging Our Ruins

8. Bulldoze Everything

9. Before We Fell

10.The Leviathan

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