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Imari Tones – Nabeshima (Review)

Imari Tones - Nabeshima (Review)
Imari Tones - Nabeshima (Review)

Imari Tones - Nabeshima (Review)

This album is fast, heavy, and aggressive for the most part. The songs usually have great openings, with many seeming like they would be the introduction for an exciting anime series. Frontman Tak has unique vocals and can distort his voice easily, with a decent array of high notes at his disposal. The drums sound great, the bass (played by his wife) enhances the overall sound. On this album, Tak demonstrates he could very well be one of the best guitarists on the planet. They can go from heavy metal to acoustic soft segments, showcasing a decent range. The English bits can also be nice, or confusing, depending on the listener’s tastes. When factoring in the fact they are singing in a language that’s foreign to them for a decent chunk of the album, it makes things more impressive. Some of the instrumental work also seems familiar. At times it reminds me of bands like Judas Priest. Other times it channels Van Halen for a few glorious moments. The choruses also have a bit of a Stryper feeling and can be dangerously catchy. “Passion” is a great pace setting opener, “Yamagoya” is a nice, slow, peaceful instrumental, and “Who Are You” is a powerful song about reflection, with “Sengoku Christian” also being great. These are standouts for me that showcase the talent of Imari Tones, as well as infectious, heavy percussion, and a genius axeman throughout. Overall this is a fun listen for headbangers. It’s great for otaku metalheads such as myself. It’s also great for listening to on a long car ride, just blast the speakers up and enjoy! The one standout weakness is sometimes the sound doesn’t carry over too well, which may be more of a studio or production issue, due to a tight budget. If they and their label got a push I think these issues could be resolved. This is one of the disadvantages of being underground. They and their label have GREAT potential if given the opportunity. This setback can be a bit distracting but doesn’t override the album’s strengths. They are very passionate and energetic. You can tell Imari Tones would be great at live performances. Nabeshima deserves a listen and is a really good album overall. I recommend it if you enjoy Japanese metal. Hopefully, Tak and company can be the next big thing in Japan!

“Nabeshima” album is available at all the major digital music services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

The double album CDs are available at Dead Pulse, the official store of Sliptrick Records.

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Review by: John Ward

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John Ward

John Ward got into hard rock and metal when his father showed him Guns N' Roses in middle school. This began a long obsession with insane framework, cool to rapid gameplay, incredible vocals and guitar solos. In high school, he discovered Christian rock/metal and got addicted, despite being agnostic at the time. While being Christian, he opposes the setup of the American church, and therefore identifies more with the headbangers. After all the religious crowd HATED Jesus, a man who beat preachers publicly, had long hair, a beard, questioned religion itself, wanted loud music with stringed instruments, came back from the dead, and turned water into wine. Any "Christian" who calls metal and rock demonic is automatically a fraud. Besides he'll take Iron Maiden over funeral music any day of the week! He also loves anime.....

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