Hogan’s Goat – Review

Hogan's Goat Release Official Video for "Annie Off The Rails"

Artist: Hogan’s Goat
Album: Hogan’s Goat
Genre: Metal
Label: Hogan’s Goat
Release Date: July 2017
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


If Guns N’ Roses and the grunge sounds of Soundgarden and Alice and Chains had a love child, it’d be Hogan’s Goat. Mixing a bit of bluesy hard rock with a 90’s grunge sound turns out to be quite a cool combination.  Annie Off The Rails is by far my favorite track represented on their debut album. It’s simply catchy as hell. I have put it on repeat more times than I care to count recently. The rest of the album is full of solid rock goodness too, but you’ll see what I mean when you hear Annie Off The Rails. For a debut album, this self-titled release is quite impressive. I like the fact that they are a real menagerie of sounds and styles. The combined styles really add a freshness to their sound, I wouldn’t call them a throwback band, even though they wear their musical influences on their sleeves. Shit Kicker is another great track that’s dark and heavy with that Alice In Chains kind of spin to it.  Loaded with talent, Hogan’s Goat is definitely one of the new rock bands to watch. I’m looking forward to hearing more from these guys in the future. Check out their debut album anywhere that you buy digital music.  Hard rock and metal fans should eat this up!

Track Listing:

Rat Boy


Shit Kicker

Annie Off The Rails

Over The Palisade

If I’m Dead

John Doe

Jack & Jill

Elkhorn Mountain

Drinkin’ With The Priest

Band Members:
Vocals – John Salmon
Guitar – Thomas Banks
Guitar – Donovan Bettise
Bass – Aaron Stoner
Drums – Wayne Michel


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