HEART’S ANN WILSON Releasing New ‘Fierce Bliss’ Solo Album

HEART'S ANN WILSON Releasing New 'Fierce Bliss' Solo Album

Single and music video for GREED out now!

Ann says:

“‘Greed’ is that thing in our animal nature that makes us want MORE, Whether it be money, sex, power, or ecstasy. It fires our craving! It happens with all of us. When you turn around and catch yourself making decisions because you want the money, or because you’re caught in the headlights of glory, well, those are greedy moments. People who claim to have made every decision from the root of pure idealism,-and never done anything dark or greedy, are lying. I think everybody who ventures into the music industry hoping for a career with big successes, ends up making these Faustian bargains at some point even if only briefly. It’s an aggressive song and I think I write best when I’m angry.

”Taken from the new album FIERCE BLISS, out APRIL 29 pre-order now:

“Fierce Bliss” track listing:

01. Greed
02. Black Wing
03. Bridge Of Sighs
04. Fighten For Life
05. Love Of My Life (feat. Vince Gill)
06. Missionary Man
07. Gladiator
08. Forget Her
09. A Moment In Heaven
10. Angel’s Blues*
11. As The World Turns

* Available on CD and digital formats only

Ann Wilson – Vocals
Tom Bukovac – Guitar
Tony Lucido – Bass
Sean T Lane – Drums, Percussion & Bike
Gordon Mote – Keyboards
Tim Lauer – Keyboards

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