He Is Legend – White Bat (Review)

He Is Legend - White Bat (Review)

Artist: He Is Legend
Album: White Bat
Genre: Rock / Metal
Label: Spinefarm Records
Release Date: June 28, 2019
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


I love it when I listen to a band that incorporates influences from a lot of other bands that I like.  Especially when it’s done in such a way that you recognize the influence, but it’s not a rip off of the bands and artists sounds that influenced them.  He Is Legend is one of those rare bands that recalls the best of rock’s history all the while creating a unique sound all their own.  A little grunge, a little classic rock, an independent spirit and touch of metal rolled into one mean animal.  The funny thing is…..it really works well!  The band has created something special with White Bat.  The title track is outstanding and I admit that I keep playing it over and over again.  I absolutely would call it infectious.

While a lot of up and coming bands are trying to bring back the sounds from the past, others are stuck in a soundscape that time has seemingly passed by.  That’s what unique with He Is Legend.  Sure there’s a nod to the past, but not too much.  They are the best of everything without being easily classified as any one genre.  For me, that’s a good thing.  Rock music is either good or it isn’t, regardless of the label of a genre that you put on it.  Another great gem is “Boogiewoman” a solid rocker that leaves it all on the table.  At times, I hear small bits of anger and angst ala Nirvana and Soundgarden but never in an overpowering way.  The band always leaves room for a great melody and keeps their sound from sounding formulaic.  If you like music that creates its own path outside of the generic radio rock format, He Is Legend‘s latest album “White Bat” is a must listen.

Track Listing: 

01-White Bat 3:27
02-Burn All Your Rock Records 3:31
03-When the Woods Were Young 3:36
04-Eye Teeth 3:00
05-Talking Stalker 4:00
06-Bent 3:35
07-Resister, Resist Her 3:57
08-Uncanny Valley 2:54
09-The Interloper 4:21
10-Skin So Soft 4:16
11-Boogiewoman 5:35

Band Members:

Schuylar Croom [vocals], Adam Tanbouz [lead guitar], Matty Williams [bass], and Jesse Shelley [drums]

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