Hard-rockers Rockstar Frame release single ‘Christmas Rape’ feat. Kiara Laetitia

Hard-rockers Rockstar Frame release single 'Christmas Rape' feat. Kiara Laetitia
After having announced that singer KIARA LAETITIA (ex Skylark, Virgin Steele) has joined the band, hard rockers ROCKSTAR FRAME are set to release a Christmas single, “Christmas Rape”,  via Musicarchy Media.

“Christmas Rape” will mark the first single with KIARA LAETITIA on vocals. It will also be the first single with a revamped line-up.

ROCKSTAR FRAME drummer and founder Max Klein was recently very open on Facebook about issues with previous line-up: “You have probably noticed that Rockstar Frame has been quiet for quite some time now. This was due to some changes inside the band. In fact, for most members in the past year, RSF was not a priority anymore which led to a huge waste of time and resources including having to cancel some shows. This after a while was not acceptable to me anymore”.

Always on Facebook, Klein stated he is very happy that Laetitia has joined the band: I thought it was pretty natural for RSF to have her as the new singer. She’s experienced both on and off stage and also writes songs“.

KIARA LAETITIA is best known for being the singer of Italian symphonic metallers Skylark from 2003 to 2011 and her cooperation with David DeFeis from VIRGIN STEELEin 2013. Laetitia recently published Xtreme Makeover Music, an e-book on the music business.

“Christmas Rape” was written by Laetitia, Klein, Bryan in ten days and produced in November by Klein. The main theme of the song is controversial as the title itself. “Starting from the story of a rape that happen on Christmas, a little girl, now a woman, thinks about her condition and more generally on how values have been raped in modern world, including a tradition like Christmas” explains Laetitia.

Listen to “Christmas Rape” here: https://soundcloud.com/user-364201101/christmas-rape.

ROCKSTAR FRAME have also announced that the new album, follow-up of critically acclaimed “Rock N Roll Mafia” in 2015, will see the light on February 2018 and that a European tour will follow.

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