Halloween: No One Gets Out

Halloween: No One Gets Out

Artist: Halloween
Album: No One Gets Out
Genre: Metal
Label: Pure Steel Records
Release Date: March 29, 2013


When I was merely a teenager, there was a metal band that everyone talked about in our metal music social circles. That band was Halloween. But, here’s the tricky thing about it. None of us had ever actually heard them before. Keep in mind that this was before the internet was in every household. Hell, really all we had to go on was the information that was supplied in magazines like Circus, Hit Parader and others.  MTV hadn’t really taken over everything yet and there was no Headbanger’s Ball yet. Anyway, through word of mouth and from a few press clippings, we knew very little about this band called Halloween, except that they were from Detroit and they were legendary. We weren’t sure why they were legendary, but we all wanted to hear this band and find out what all of the mystery was about. I tried unsuccessfully, for years to find their early albums. Flaash forward to 2016 and I’m looking at the artist roster for Pure Steel records while preparing a review for another band on the label, and lo an behold I see Halloween listed. Yes, the same Halloween from all of those years ago. I immediately request the promo for No One Gets Out. Once, I put it on, I feel like I’m transported back in time to my teenage years. This is the band. The band that I had waited so long to hear. I am not disappointed. Starting with the title track, No One Gets Out, I am smitten with this album. Somewhere between epic sounding metal and speed metal is where they seem to be centered. Track after track, my ears are pummeled with headbanging metal. The piercing screams of Brian Thomas are almost Banshee like at times. It’s amazing that this is only their second album. Originally released in 1991, it was a full six years after their debut album, “Don’t Metal With Evil”. If this wasn’t good enough already, they also include a cover of Detroit Rock City by KISS. So, many years after hearing of the legend of Halloween the band, I finally get to hear them. I have to say that Halloween are one of those hidden gems. Once you find it, you understand why everyone was looking for it in the first place. A solid metal offering with a touch of the macabre.

Track Listing:

1. No One Gets Out
2. If I Die You Die
3. Crawl to the Altar
4. 7 Years
5. The Death of Love
6. Kings
7. Sanity in Danger
8. Miss Eerie’s Child
9. The Thing That Creeps
10. Halloween
11. Detroit Rock City
12. A.B.F.$.

Band Members:

George Neal – Bass
Brian Thomas – Vocals
Rob Brug – Drums
Don Guerrier – Guitars
T.J Richardson – Guitars

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