Groundbreaker (Review)

Groundbreaker (Review)


Let’s face it, Steve Overland has sung on a lot of records. Whilst fronting the mighty FM, Steve has worked on a number of other outside projects over the years. His vocals have been always been top notch, but some of these albums have been stronger than others. Groundbreaker is the latest venture to feature Mr O’s glorious voice, a self-titled release on Frontiers Records. It’s a collaboration between Steve and Robert Sall, Swedish guitarist and songwriter with Work Of Art and W.E.T. Let me tell you – this album is right up there as one of the best that Steve Overland has appeared on.

Opening track, Over My Shoulder was the first single to be released. It took a while to grow on me, but in context with the full album, it’s a really great fit. The catchy melody line over genius guitar solo is just wonderful!

However, my favourite track is without a doubt Will It Make You Love Me. This is the best thing I’ve heard Steve sing on for a long time. It has one of the catchiest choruses you will hear, blended with a chunky underlying guitar riff, set on top of an urgent rhythm track (the bass and drums of Nalley Pahlsson and Herman Furin are superb throughout the album). The vocal is just stunning, full of emotion and delivering a heartfelt lyric. It’s an AOR masterpiece that may just be my song of the year. Funnily enough Steve Overland agrees with me! I spoke with him recently and said he felt the track was the best he had worked on in long time.

Another highlight is First Time, which is tucked towards the end of the 11-song release. This again, has some trademark Work Of Art style guitar from Robert Sall, mixed with Steve’s oh so distinctive melodic vocal lines.

Another stand out has to be Eighteen Till I Die. I was drawn to this because it has a bit of an early FM, American Girls kind of feel to it, particularly at the beginning which gives way to another catchy, infectious, melody.

If you are a fan of Work Of Art and early FM material, then of course you will love Groundbreaker. If on the other hand Overland and Sall are unfamiliar names to you, just imagine a glorious mix of Journey, Toto and Giant, wrapped up with a top notch production. Alessandro Del Vecchio is sometimes criticised for his records sounding a little bit samey, but he has done a fantastic job on Groundbreaker – a crystal clear, focussed and vibrant production, along with providing layers of classy keyboards.

A wonderful AOR record.

Artist: Groundbreaker
Album: Groundbreaker
Genre: AOR / Hard Rock
Label: Frontiers Music Srl.
Release Date: September, 14, 2019
Reviewed by: Madz Lenthall


Track Listing:

1.Over My Shoulder

2.Will It Make You Love Me

3.Eighteen ‘Til I Die

4.Only Time Will Tell


6.Standing Up For Love

7.Something Worth Fighting For

8.The Sound Of A Broken Heart

9.The First Time

10. The Days Of Our Life

11. The Way It Goes


Band Members:

Steve Overland – Vocals

Robert Sall – Guitars 

Nalley Pahlsson – Bass

Herman Furin – Drums

With Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards

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