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Great White’s Mark Kendall Reflects On 13 Years Of Sobriety

Great White's Mark Kendall Reflects On 13 Years Of Sobriety

Congratulations Mark!

Recently Great White’s Mark Kendall celebrated 13 years of sobriety and shared the following post on his Facebook page:

13 years ago I took my last drink. My abuse caused me a lot of pain, shame & guilt. It takes a lot of work to be an abusive alcoholic, which sounds like pure insanity, & that’s because it is! I had tremors so I needed drinking maintenance to keep it under control. I was basically chasing normal all the time. I just didn’t want to feel bad, not be a staggering drunk. It was a dark place with no vision of light in sight.

I used alcohol as a vehicle for confidence & to escape my fears & pain. When I finally became honest with myself and decided I had to change, I threw my arms in the air and said, “God please help me!” I found clarity & spoke to people with long-term sobriety and took direction. I did a lot of work & deep inventory on myself, my shortcomings, and my character defects. I wanted desperately to be a loving giving man and start living right. Today, I’m happy and “free from bondage!” It’s an amazing life & I’m grateful for every second of it! So many people helped me in my early recovery including my incredible wife which I’m eternally grateful for! I know there are many people suffering out there in addiction which is why I make myself available to be an encouraging supportive sober friend to anyone that wants help, that means anyone!! Thank you to everyone that helped me! Blessings to you ALL🙏👈👀

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