GATC – Girish And The Chronicles

GATC - Girish And The Chronicles

 Girish And The Chronicles

When most people think of hair metal bands, the L.A. Sunset Strip scene of the ’80s comes to mind.  But Girish And The Chronicles are destroying all stereotypes when it comes to the hair metal genre.  Hailing from Gangtok, India, this band is single-handedly re-defining people’s perceptions of the genre. Fronted by the powerful vocals of Girish Pradhan, GATC is quickly developing a huge following throughout the world and rightfully so.  One listen to this band tells you that there is immense talent in great abundance, with a fiery delivery and outstanding musical abilities, these guys are setting the world on fire.

GATC just released their brand new album “Rock The Highway” and the band had this to say about it:

Music is one of the most important factors in our lives to keep us inspired and to energize our very souls, especially in dark times like these. With all gigs and tours canceled, it is indeed a very dark time for most of the musicians out there and we are no exceptions. The pandemic has indeed hit everyone in the worst way, one way or the other. We pray for the deceased and a better future ahead.

No matter, we promised you all an album we delivered. We are following the schedule, as planned, regardless of the hurdles and the obstacles.

With the release of Identity Crisis and the Album, a new chapter has begun!

Band Members
Girish Pradhan – Vocals/Guitars
Suraz Sun – Lead Guitars
Yogesh Pradhan – Bass Guitars
Nagen Mongrati – Drums
Krishh Dutta – Keyboards (Sessions)


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