Fu Manchu – Clone Of The Universe Review

Fu Manchu - Clone Of The Universe Review

Artist: Fu Manchu
Album: Clone Of The Universe
Genre: Hard Rock / Stoner Rock
Label: At The Dojo
Release Date: February 9, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


If you miss the sonic glory of Black Sabbath or Kyuss, then put those headphones on and prepared to be transported to another universe….or at the very least Clone Of The Universe.  These guys always make great albums and this one is no exception. Along with Clutch, Fu Manchu have single handedly kept this fantastic type of stoner space rock alive. I for one love their cosmic noise from another dimension. It’s like this….the bands that started this style of music so long ago, have been gone so long or changed their sound that bringing this style of music to your ears is refreshing.  Most hard rock bands are out there trying to appeal to corporate rock radio stations that they’ve completely lost the ability to be creative in the way that Fu Manchu does it. There’s simply not a bad song anywhere on this release. As if that wasn’t enough, “IL Mostro Atomico,” features a guest appearance by none other than Alex Lifeson of Rush. It’s the kind of music that sets your mind free while engaging and immersing it fully in the captivating sounds. Do yourself a favor and go get this on release date. It’s a modern day classic that you don’t want to miss!

Track Listing:

Intelligent Worship (3:08)
(I’ve Been) Hexed (2:48)
Don’t Panic (2:05)
Slower Than Light (3:26)
Nowhere Left To Hide (4:19)
Clone Of The Universe (2:58)
IL Mostro Atomico (18:08)

Band Members:

Scott Hill

Brad Davis

Bob Balch

Scott Reeder

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