Fragile Things – Echo Chambers EP review

Fragile Things - Echo Chambers EP review

Artist: Fragile Things
Album: Echo Chambers
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Fragile Things
Release Date: February 4, 2018
Reviewed by: Madeleine “Madz” Lenthall


Releasing their first EP, Broken Sun in 2016, 4-piece UK rockers Fragile Things have gone from strength to strength building a solid fan base through gigging, and have just released their second EP Echo Chambers. I am pleased to report that it’s stunning!

Born out of Heavens Basement and Endless Mile, Fragile Things consists of Richie Hevanz performing astounding vocals, Mark Hanlon providing guitar, whilst bass and drums are driven by Steve Lathwell and Hugo Bowman. I first met vocalist Richie Hevanz when he was fronting Heaven’s Basement and I am so pleased that he is out showcasing his stellar vocal talent and performing again.

The guys merge heavy, rocking riffs with well-crafted lyrics containing messages that listeners can connect to. The EP features a punchy production across 5 excellent tracks, with the highlights being Adrenaline, Disappear and The Big Reveal.

Heard that catchy song Disappear on Planet Rock radio recently? Well, these are your guys! This song was so instant for me, I was hooked as soon as I heard it (as were many other listeners). It still has that Fragile Things sound and the stunning, distinctive vocals of Hevanz throughout, but there is something woven deeper into the track that I must admit I can’t quite put my finger on. Perhaps it is the obvious heartfelt message within the lyrics. The one thing I would say, is just listen to it and you will understand. A true masterpiece.


Adrenaline, for me comes across like the sequel to Disappear. It is perhaps slightly heavier but again carries a clear message of struggle through the lyrics. The uplifting chorus has you singing along in minutes and I’m fairly sure I had it on loop for what is longer than considered normal! Another exceptional track from these guys.

The Big Reveal takes the band back to their heavier roots. When I say heavy, I mean prepare yourself for a hurricane of guitar riffs and bass lines, with plenty of melody. It’s one of those songs that you just can’t resist headbanging to.

This new release features modern melodic hard rock and ballads of the highest order. If you haven’t checked these guys out before, then what are you waiting for?! Not only has Disappear had substantial national radio airplay, the guys were also tipped as Planet Rock’s ones to watch recently. The band will be hitting the stage at the Winter’s End Festival this month. If you are lucky enough to be attending, then make sure you don’t miss the guys! A band with serious talent and potential, and a new EP of which they should be very proud. They may be Fragile Things but they sure rock hard!

Track Listing:

01. Echo Chambers

02. Adrenaline

03. Pick Your Poison

04. Disappear

05. The Big Reveal

Band Members:

Richie Hevanz – Vocals
Mark Hanlon – Guitar
Hugo ‘Wolfman’ Bowman – Drums
Steve Lathwell – Bass

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