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Excalibur – The Bitter End (Review)

EXCALIBUR Release 'Haunted By The Shadows' Lyric Video
Excalibur - The Bitter End Is A Hidden Gem For Fans Of The NWOBHM


Artist: Excalibur
Album: The Bitter End
Label: No Remorse Records (Greece)
Release Date: (Original 1985) Re-Released September 2021

Originally released in 1985, when the band members were still teenagers, the U.K. band Excalibur has re-released their debut complete with previously unreleased mixes and demo tracks. It’s someone startling to think that Excalibur didn’t become of the big names of the U.K. metal scene of that time frame.  This outstanding album rates up there with other underrated classic bands like Tokyo Blade, Tobruk, Bronz, and Jaguar. If you missed out on these guys the first time around, nows your chance to enjoy a great album that has flown under the radar for far too long. The CD features a full-color 20-page booklet containing lyrics, liner notes, memorabilia, and never-before-seen photographs. Admittedly the cover does seem dated and a bit cheesy by today’s standards, but never judge a book by its cover, because it’s all about the music inside and that music is really quite good. Stand-out tracks for me are “Haunted By The Shadows”, “Come On And Rock”, and the title track “The Bitter End”. But honestly, there isn’t a bad song on here and it’s really interesting to hear the progression of the songs through the demos, the original mix, and finally the remastered versions. Excalibur’s “The Bitter End” is a hidden gem that fans of the NWOBHM should absolutely love.

CD Tracklist:
(Excalibur Mix)
01. I’m telling you
02. Devil in Disguise
03. The Bitter End
04. Only Time Can Tell
05. Come On and Rock
06. Haunted By the Shadows

(Conquest Records Mix)
07. I’m telling you
08. Devil In Disguise
09. The Bitter End
10. Only Time Can Tell
11. Come On and Rock
12. Haunted By the Shadows
13. Come On and Rock (1984 Demo)
14. Only Time Can Tell (1984 Demo)
15. Haunted By the Shadows (1984 Demo)
16. Nightmare (1983 Demo)

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