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Every Mother’s Nightmare – Grind Review

Artist: Every Mother’s Nightmare
Album: Grind
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: HighVolMusic
Release Date: October 6, 2017
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


It’s been 15 years since EMN released their last full length album. I’m happy to confirm that Every Mother’s Nightmare have returned with some of the best songs they’ve ever done.  Starting with the opening track Loco Crazy, Rick Ruhl and company set the tone for this album with a really great rocker. Followed up immediately by another great blazing track called Snake, and then another with Upper Hand, the band finally slows it up just a bit with Blown Away, which kind of has a bit of Oasis feel to it. The band knows what we want though and Sacred Circle fills the bill nicely as a great melodic, twangy rock number. Days Are Through is a super catchy song that deserves to get radio airplay. It’s definitely got the potential to be a solid hit on rock radio. Stand Up has a bit of a ballroom, boogie woogie beat to it that should get your foot stomping. The last studio track is a barn burner called Swing that’s propelled by an incredible, bombastic drum beat. The last three tracks are live performances of some of the band’s staple material.  Closing out the album with the live songs gives the listener a taste of what the band brings on the road as performers. It adds a nice atmosphere at the end of what’s some of the best material to come from EMN since their debut album. Fans of the band should absolutely love this album and for those not already converted to the sermons of Reverend Rick Ruhl, well, this album should make you a true believer.

Track Listing:

1. Loco Crazy
2. Snake
3. Upper Hand
4. Blown Away
5. Sacred Circle
6. Days Are Through
7. Stand Up
8. Swing
9. Closet (Live)
10. Walls (Live)
11. Push (Live)

Every Mother's Nightmare Sign New Contract And Plan New Release

Band Members:

Rick Ruhl, Jim Phipps, Travis “Gunner” Butler, Troy Fleming, John Guttery


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