Every Mothers Nightmare – Backtraxx (Review)

Every Mother's Nightmare - Backtraxx (Re-Issue)

Artist: Every Mothers Nightmare
Album: Backtraxx (Re-Issue)
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: HighVol Music
Release Date:
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


I’ve been a fan of Every Mother’s Nightmare since their debut.  Somehow, I missed Backtraxx the first time that it was released, so I was happy to see it get the re-release treatment through HighVol music. The band has always had a Southern rock vibe mixed into what they do but never has the band mixed the southern style rock with plain old country music as they did with Backtraxx.  Let me say that a little known fact about me is that I’m originally from Oklahoma.  I originally got into rock music at an early age as a way to rebel against the popular music in my area, which happened to be country music.  Having said that,  I actually really like what EMN have done here.  For some reason, I still can’t stand country music, but I find this unique mix strangely appealing, at least the way that Rick Ruhl and company do it here.  The album kicks off with Southern Way, which is a great attention getter and the perfect opening song.  Muddy Water has a lot of country fiddle in it, and yet it still rocks as hard as anything else the band has ever done.  The band does a fine job mixing their familiar blues-based rock with a little barnyard boogie-woogie.  Fans of the band should love this and I think a lot of country music fans will really find this sound more than acceptable as well.  There’s plenty of good material on this album and it doesn’t feel contrived or forced with the unique mixture of sounds.  It’s a really solid album that has some memorable moments that will have your toes tapping and fingers snapping while allowing for a little headbanging in the mix.


Track Listing:

01. Southern Way

02. Muddy Water

03. Seasons Change

04. Ride the Train

05. Lookin’ In

06. Stoned on Tv


08. Sorrow

09. River

10. Outside the Circle

11. Too Far Gone

12. Bled

13. Hidden


Band Members:

Rick Ruhl – Vocals
John Guttery – Lead Guitar
Troy Fleming – Bass
Allan Bone – Drums
Travis Butler – Lead Guitar

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