Entrails – Rise Of The Reaper (Review)

Entrails to release new album, 'Rise of the Reaper'; listen to the new single, "Crawl In Your Guts"

Artist: Entrails
Album: Rise Of The Reaper
Genre: Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release Date: October 11, 2019
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Metal super-beast Entrails has returned with another spectacular album of exceptional brutality.  Rise Of The Reaper is a full-on punch in the teeth metal assault.  Often times, metal bands are so pigeon-holed by being labeled into a specific sub-genre of metal that they don’t reach their proper audience.  While on the surface, Entrails looks like a Death Metal band, their sound is far more than just that.  Fans of Thrash bands like Testament, Metallica and Kreator will no doubt appreciate the band’s latest output, without losing fans that liken them to bands like Obituary and other heavyweights in the Florida Death Metal scene.  With songs like “Crawl In Your Guts”“For Whom The Head Rolls”, and “For Hell”,  Entrails bring the heaviness and then some.   While the vocals of Pontus Samuelsson tend to lean more toward guttural Death Metal, the difference is that the lyrics are quite clearly heard and not buried in a deep growl that is indiscernible.  The band is fully in sync musically, bringing this aurally bludgeoning album to metal greatness.  Entrails are a band that I feel haven’t received the recognition that they truly deserve, but are poised for greatness.  Hopefully, this album will help them gain a larger mass of followers because it would be a real shame if “Rise Of The Reaper” doesn’t appear on everyone’s “Best Of” metal list for 2019,  because it’s such a great follow up and worthy successor to 2017’s “World Inferno” album.

Rise of the Reaper track-listing
1. Rise of the Reaper (Intro)
2. For Hell
3. Miscreation
4. The Pyre
5. In the Shape of the Dead
6. Gravekeeper
7. Destination Death
8. Destruction
9. Crawl in Your Guts
10. For Whom the Head Rolls
11. Evils of the Night
12. Cathedral of Pain
13. The End (Outro)


Entrails line-up:
Jimmy Lundqvist – guitars
Pontus Samuelsson – vocals/bass
Markus Svensson – guitars
Arvid Borg – drums

Entrails online:

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