THE ELEMENT prepares their second album with production of JENS BOGREN

THE ELEMENT prepares their second album with production of JENS BOGREN

THE ELEMENT is a Prog Metal band based in California (USA) which started activities in Brazil with their guitarist and frontman Rafael Macedo in 1998.

The band had a very promising career start, when they were pointed as one of the greatest highlights of the south of Brazil and got to support BLIND GUARDIAN and GRAVE DIGGER at the renowned Bar Opinião in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

With the great acceptance of the band by the American audience, the band decided to relocate in 2007 to move forward in their career. RAFAEL MACEDO (Guitar/Vocals) joined bassist MITCH STEWART (CIRCLE II CIRCLE) and THE ELEMENT found its definitive lineup with drummer MARCO BICCA and keyboardist JEREMY VILLUCCI.

With the band’s lineup established, they recorded their debut album “FROM SAND – PART I”, produced by Rafael Macedo and mixed/mastered by legendary producer BEAU HILL (Ratt, Warrant, Alice Cooper, Europe, Gary Moore, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Winger).

“FROM SAND – PART I” was released worldwide in 2012 and distributed by Hellion Records, Laser’s Edge, and Voice Music.

The band released in 2013 a music video for the powerful and intense song called “SHE’S MADE FROM SAND” with the production of talented director TOMMY MERRY.

Promotion of the debut album was compelling, with the band touring California presenting their intricate Prog Metal. One of the most special moments of the tour was the performance alongside legendary former Megadeth guitarist MARTY FRIEDMAN at WHISKY A GO GO.

In 2015, THE ELEMENT started working on their second album, “FROM SAND – PART II” and this time the band will count with the production and mixing of one of the greatest heavy metal producers nowadays: Swedish producer JENS BOGREN, who worked with bands such as Arch Enemy, Symphony X, Angra, Pain of Salvation, Katatonia, Dragonforce, Paradise Lost, James Labrie and Devin Townshend. In charge of mastering was TONY LINDGREN, both from FASCINATION STREET STUDIOS.

“FROM SAND – PART II” shows the band’s natural Evolution with heavier, more straightforward, and more aggressive songs, while keeping their main features, such as sophisticated instrumental segments and orchestrations.

The first single will be the song “DUSK”, which will also be a video, once again directed by Tommy Merry.

Soon the release dates for the single and album will be announced. Now, THE ELEMENT is getting ready for the release concert and new album tour.

Rafael Macedo (Guitar/Vocal)
Mitch Stewart (Bass/backing Vocal)
Jeremy Villucci (Keyboards)
Marco Bicca (Drums)

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