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Dream Child – Until Death Do We Meet Again (Review)

All Star Metal Band Dream Child to Release Debut Album "Until Death Do We Meet Again"

Artist: Dream Child 
Album: Until Death Do We Meet Again
Genre: Hard Rock / Metal
Label: Frontiers Music Srl.
Release Date: September 14, 2018


Dream Child are a real supergroup of musicians that seemingly were brought together by the gods of metal. With members of Dream Child having previously played in bands like Dio, Giuffria, MSG, AC/DC, Operation: Mindcrime, Quiet Riot, Ozzy, and Whitesnake how could this not be spectacular? And the band stands up to all of the hype and then some.  Starting with the fantastic “Under The Wire” the band kick off with a song that very easily could have been on one of the early Dio albums, with Diego Valdez sounding remarkably like Ronnie James Dio at times.  This is a who’s who of rock musicians who made the 80’s rock scene rise to the top of the charts and the forefront of the music world. I know that I already mentioned Dio, but seriously, this is as close as you’re likely to get to a record that recalls the mastery of Dio‘s solo career, especially since three of the band members played in Dio themselves.  This is destined to be on everyone’s top albums of 2018 list.  Every song on this album is done with exceptional musicianship and instantly sticks in your memory banks. It’s the type of rock album that just gets better with each repeat listen. This album will make many listeners feel like they stepped back in time. To a time where metal ruled the radio airwaves, MTV and the concert arenas.  This is without a doubt one of the best albums of the year.  Each and every song stands strong without anything sounding like fluff or filler.  This is a modern day classic that no one should miss out on. Congratulations to Dream Child for being able to not only deliver the goods, but deliver it in style. Pop your knuckles and get those metal horns flying. Loosen your neck muscles for the impending headbanging.  Dream Child’s Until Death Do We Meet Again is a wild ride and a pure metal masterpiece!

Track Listing:

01 Under The Wire 5:43
02 You Can’t Take Me Down 7:21
03 Games Of Shadows 5:59
04 It Is What It Is 4:25
05 Playing With Fire 4:22
06 Light Of The Dark 5:05
07 Midnight Song 4:25
08 Until Death Do We Meet Again 7:49
09 Washed Upon The Shore 6:43
10 In A World So Cold 4:28
11 Weird World 5:45
12 One Step Beyond The Grave 8:53


Band Members:

Craig Goldy: Guitars (ex-Dio, Giuffria)

Wayne Findlay: Guitars and Keyboards (ex- MSG)

Simon Wright: Drums (ex-AC/DC, Dio, Operation: Mindcrime)

Rudy Sarzo: Bass (ex-Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Whitesnake, Dio)

Diego Valdez: Vocals (Helker)

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Bobby Caughron is a music journalist and Editor-In-Chief for XS ROCK. He began a life-long fan of hard rock and metal music after hearing KISS as a kid. He is still an avid fan of the 80s metal scene and continues to discover and write about new music in all rock genres today.

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