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Dokken – Return To The East Live 2016 (Review)

Dokken - Return to The East Live 2016

So Dokken finally reunited the original lineup for a brief tour of Japan and they recorded the event for history. But, here’s what everyone really wants to know….How’s Don voice sound? So, here’s my two cents worth….Don Dokken has battled vocal issues in the past, and a lot of critics and fans have stated that his voice is shot. But, first let’s go back in time for just a moment. Dokken released their first album in 1983 with Breaking The Chains. That’s 35 years ago for those bad at math. I doubt very few,  if any singers of that time period still sound like they did then. But here’s what Don has done that’s really smart, since he is no longer able to hit all of the high notes, he has changed the way he sings. Not drastically, but the songs have a slightly different arrangement to accommodate his current vocal abilities. What I get from it, is that it makes this live release special and different from the live versions that I already have from “The Beast From The East album. The band, including George Lynch also change up their licks too. It comes across as kind of refreshing to hear them update the songs with some new twists. So for the most part, Dokken still sounds like Dokken. The new studio song “It’s Another Day” is really quite good. Obviously, I’d love to see the band reunite for at least one last studio album and go out with a bang, rather than the on again and off again relationship the members have had over the years. George Lynch is one of the best living rock guitarists anywhere in the world and he shreds on this live album. Jeff Pilson helps to anchor the vocals and hit some the notes that Don no longer can. And “Wild” Mick Brown is still…well, wild! Jeff Pilson is the only member of the band that’s under 60 years old, and just barely at 59. The guys still have that special something, that made Dokken the great band that it is. This a great album for die hard Dokken fans and a nice addition to anyone’s collection that loves 80’s hard rock and metal. The hits are all here on Return To The East Live 2016, albeit with some musical and lyrical arrangement differences. So, despite what I hear from some, Dokken clearly seems to be “Back For The Attack”.

Artist: Dokken
Album: Return to The East Live 2016 
Genre: Hard Rock / Melodic Metal
Label: Frontiers Music Srl.
Release Date: April 20, 2018

Track Listing:


01.It’s Another Day (New Studio Track)

02.Kiss Of Death

03.The Hunter

04.Unchain The Night

05.When Heaven Comes Down

06.Breakin’ The Chains

07.Into The Fire

08.Dream Warriors

09.Tooth And Nail

10.Alone Again (Intro)

11.Alone Again

12.It’s Not Love

13.In My Dreams

14.Heaven Sent (Acoustic Studio Bonus Track)

15.Will The Sun Rise (Acoustic Studio Bonus Track)


01.Tooth And Nail

02.Unchain The Night

03.When Heaven Comes Down

04.Breakin’ The Chains

05.Into The Fire

06.Alone Again

07.It’s Not Love

08.Paris Is Burning

09.Kiss Of Death

10.The Hunter

11.Dream Warriors

12.In My Dreams

13.Behind the Scenes


Band Members:

Don Dokken – Vocals

George Lynch – Guitars

Jeff Pilson – Bass

Mick Brown – Drums

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