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Did Stryper’s Michael Sweet Just Comment On Vince Neil’s Recent Performance?

Did Stryper's Michael Sweet Just Comment On Vince Neil's Recent Performance?

Michael Sweet, lead vocalist and guitarist for Stryper just posted a comment on Facebook that seems to take aim at Motley Crue singer Vince Neil’s recent performance at a live show which has been heavily criticized because of Neil’s inability to finish the show and his appearance that seemed to be totally out of shape… (although Sweet does not mention Neil or anyone else by name)

Read the post for yourself and see if you think he’s talking about Neil or not:

Here’s just the text version of Michael’s post:

I’ve never understood how certain bands can achieve the success that they have and continue to thrive when they have very little talent, or they could absolutely care less! Or they’ve lost their abilities altogether. Why do people/fans continue to pay top dollar for “rock stars” who don’t care enough to sound good, look good, play good? Such a mystery to me.

Imagine if you went to a baseball game or a football game and the pitcher and or quarterback came out and couldn’t perform at all. Would that fly in the sports world? Of course not! Why is that acceptable in the music world? Bands who can’t sing, can’t play and who have let themselves go physically yet fans continue to lay their hard-earned money out to see these bands over and over again. Or, bands/performers who just don’t care anymore and have no intention of even trying to give the fans their money’s worth. I’ll never understand it. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

I guess I’m speaking as a fan myself. When I see a band that I like and they obviously don’t care enough to give their best, that’s it for me. I won’t learn the hard way. Once is all it takes for me. I can’t imagine all the people who are going to spend so much money on a supposed “rock stars” who are just taking the money and laughing all the way to the bank. This is our craft and we work our bits off! The day we don’t is the day we retire! We will always give you your moneys worth. Do you agree? Is this something that bothers you? What say you??

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