Devil’s Hand ft. Slamer – Freeman (Review)

Artist: Devil’s Hand ft. Slamer – Freeman
Album: Devil’s Hand ft. Slamer – Freeman
Genre: Melodic Metal
Label:Frontiers Music Srl.
Release Date: December 7, 2018


I am becoming increasingly impressed with each album that I hear featuring Last In Line vocalist Andrew Freeman.  And Devil’s Hand is absolutely no exception to that rule.  In fact this probably one of the best metal albums to be released in 2018.  A fantastic album from start to end. The musicianship is excellent and the songwriting is well above par for most anything you’re likely to hear nowadays. Freeman really has a voice that has a legendary quality to it.  He voice has a natural, organic sound to it rather than imitating other vocalists. Every song, and I mean every song on this album will stand the test of time as great rock tracks!  The biggest disappointment to me is that so many people may overlook this hidden gem because it’s not from a long established band.  But take my word for it, this album should not be missed by you or any other hard rock and metal fan.  My favorite tracks are Unified, We Come Alive, Devil’s Hand and Rise Above It All, but it’s tough to choose favorites because this is such a solid album. I hope these guys continue to release albums together, because there is an obvious chemistry here and it would be a shame to not continue exploring musical possibilities with this line up. Do yourself a huge favor and go pick this up, download it or stream it now! You won’t be sorry. This is the sleeper hit band and album of 2018!

Track Listing:

We Come Alive
Falling In
One More Time
Another Way To Fly
Drive Away
Rise Above It All
Devils Hand
Heartbeat Away
Push Comes To Shove

Band Members:

Andrew Freeman

Mike Slamer

Chet Wynd

Andy Zuckerman

Mike Hansen

Casey Purvis

Jeff Valdez

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