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DESTRUCTION brings their unstoppable thrash metal power to your home on Live Attack!
Legendary German thrash metal powerhouse DESTRUCTION cements its signing with Napalm Records by smashing an all devastating, neck-breaking Live Attack onto the masses! The BluRay/CD live event, including some pre- and after-show bonus content, will be released on August 13, 2021. It follows their latest record, Born To Perish (#26 GER album charts), recalling a nearly two hour live stream attack the heavy steamroller unleashed in January this year.

Dive deep into DESTRUCTION’s history with the first crushing single and energetic live video for “Mad Butcher”, originally released in 1983 as one of the first songs the band ever wrote.

SCHMIER states:“‘Mad Butcher’ is one of the first songs we ever wrote, such a classic! I still love to perform it live, it is in my DNA meanwhile, I guess! There are a lot of memories that come along with this track and the history of the band.We brought back the double-lead section from the EP version into the solo part; many fans have reacted at that during the live shows, which is really cool! But this DVD will also have some nice surprises, some songs we have not played live in decades…!”
Watch the powerfully thrashing live video for “Mad Butcher” HERE:

Founded back in 1982 and since their first demo, followed by debut EP, Sentence Of Death(1984) and first full-length, Infernal Overkill (1985), the German foursome DESTRUCTION has turned heads and broken necks with their incredibly honest and uncompromising thrash metal power. Now, 39 years into their unstoppable rampage of a career, DESTRUCTION bring the power of hard-hitting drums, speedy riffs and punishing vocals to the comfort of your home on the new BluRay & 2 Audio CD’s, Live Attack!

DESTRUCTION on their first release with Napalm Records:“This show at our fave club, the Z7 in Switzerland, was a really special one in the middle of this dreadful pandemic! When we recorded it as a live stream on the 1st of January, it gave us hope back and connected us with the fans worldwide! Many supporters demanded to release it in physical form, so we had to make it happen. The setlist reflects four decades of DESTRUCTION with an almost two hour best-of setlist, which includes some really rare live tracks! It was for sure a night to remember… we hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!”
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When the music world was forced to shut down venues and cancel tours for an indefinite period of time, DESTRUCTION came through to deliver their outstanding power via live stream to their loyal fans at home – now available for you to enjoy on high-definition BluRay! Witness DESTRUCTION ripping through their live set of 22 songs, including beloved classics like “Mad Butcher”“Thrash Till Death”“Born To Perish” and many more! Filmed and recorded at the legendary Z7 venue in Pratteln (Switzerland), DESTRUCTION spare no expense or effort to bring you a live show experience that will make you bang your head like you’re in the front row at the show, getting your ear drums penetrated by rumbling double-bass grooves! The BluRay is filled with exclusive pre- and aftershow insights and behind the scenes footage from DESTRUCTION’s live show – a must-have for fans of true thrash metal!
Live Attack BluRay bonus content:Pre-ShowAfter Show
Tracklist:1. Born to Perish2. Death Trap3. Nailed to the Cross4. Armageddonizer5. Tormentor6. Rotten7. Mad Butcher8. Reject Emotions9. Thrash Till Death10. Betrayal11. Sign of Fear12. Damir’s Shred13. Inspired by Death14. Release from Agony15. Life without Sense16. Antichrist17. Invincible Force18. Under Attack19. Bestial Invasion20. The Butcher Strikes Back21. Curse the Gods22. Total Desaster
Live Attack will be available in the following formats:– 8 Page Digipack BluRay & 2 Audio CD´s bundled with a DESTRUCTION t-shirt- 8 Page Digipack BluRay & 2 Audio CD´s- 3LP Gatefold Marbled GOLD/BLACK – 200 copies with Etching- 3LP Gatefold Marbled BLUE/BLACK – 300 copies with Etching- 3LP Gatefold BLACK with Etching- Full digital album
– 3LP Gatefold Marbled GOLD/BLACK – 200 copies with Etching
DESTRUCTION are:Schmier – Bass, VocalsMike – GuitarsRandy Black – DrumsDamir Eskić – Guitars

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