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Dead Animal Assembly Plant – Bring Out The Dead (Review)

Dead Animal Assembly Plant - Bring Out The Dead (Review)


Dead Animal Assembly Plant proves to be quite an interesting band.  Fans of classic industrial bands like Frontline Assembly, Skinny Puppy, and Ministry will feel right at home with the band’s new album “Bring Out The Dead”.  While they have that abrasive retro industrial appeal of the early 90s scene, they do forge new aural territory throughout the album.  I expect this band to go places. They have the sound and the look of an apocalyptic future similar to a Mad Max film that makes them highly entertaining.  Standout tracks for me are “Ironface”, “A Violent Breed”, “Behold The Righteous Plague”, “The End Of You”, and their amazing cover of Johhny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”. Dead Animal Assembly Plant is more of a hybrid of all of their influences than a direct sound-alike in any way.  You’ll want to check this album out ASAP if your any kind of Industrial Rock fan because it’s one of the best of the genre that I’ve heard in quite a long time.

1. Cemetery Slums
2. A Violent Breed
3. The Ghost of Friedrich Nietzsche
4. Colors Under Attack
5. Somewhere Else
6. Sacred Disgrace (feat. Lulu Black)
7. Ghost Transmissions
8. Behold the Righteous Plague
9. Do the Inferno
10. The End of You
-bonus tracks-
11. Ironface (2021 version)
12. God’s Gonna Cut You Down feat. Outer Stace (DAAP x NANDO version)

DAAP is:

Z.Wager – Vocals

Eric ‘Zero’ Bergen – Guitars

Rebecca ‘Buzz’ Wager – Guitars

Jason ‘Skorn’ Moore – Drums

Nick ‘Nix’ Snyder – Bass

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