David Reece Releases New Video For “Forest Through The Trees”

Interview With David Reece

David Reece former vocalist for Accept, Bonfire, and Bangalore Choir has just released a brand new video from his new solo album called “Resilient Heart”.



“Resilient Heart” track listing:

01. Any Time At All

02. Wicked City Blues

03. Karma

04. Desire

05. I Don’t Know Why

06. Two Coins And A Dead Man

07. Ain’t Got The Balls

08. Forest Through The Trees

09. Perfect Apocalypse

10. Live Before You Die

11. I’m The One


Reece Lineup:

Vocals: David Reece

Guitar: Marco Angioni

Guitar: Martin J. Andersen

Bass: Malte Frederik Burkert

Drums: Sigurd J. Jensen

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