David Lee Roth Seems To Indicate That Van Halen Is Over As He Moves On With Solo Career

David Lee Roth recently gave an exclusive interview to the Van Halen News Desk over at www.vhnd,com.

During the interview, when asked about Van Halen, he responded with the following: 

“Four summers have gone by [reffering to the amount of time since VAN HALEN last played a show],” he said. “And for a singer, that’s paralyzing. Like a boxer or a tap dancer, I am dependent upon my whole rig. My whole body. Perhaps playing a guitar, or piano, for example, with your hands, is a bit more forgiving over the years. If you come watch me now, I’m 65 going on 23. If you saw my X-rays, I’m 65 going on 80. [Laughs]

“I’ve paid a price for the time off, frankly,” he added. “Enough said there. I hope the best for the fellas. But I don’t know what’s coming up with VAN HALEN. It’s time for me to use whatever talents and skills that I have. I’m bettin’ the rent on it. You’re going to have a ball. This is the smile that launched a thousand hips.”

There has been no information from the official Van Halen camp for quite some time.  Van Halen has essentially been inactive since the end of 2015.  We will keep you posted when any new information becomes available regarding this developing news story.

Roth is currently gearing up for a solo Las Vegas tour in 2020:


Tickets available this Saturday, 9/14 @ 10AM PST


January 8, 10, 11
March 18, 20, 21, 25, 27, 28

For tickets and info visit https://davidleeroth.com/

You can read the entire interview on The Van Halen News Desk Site right here.


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