Darkthrone – Old Star (Review)

Darkthrone - Old Star (Review)

Artist: Darkthrone
Album: Old Star
Genre: Metal / Black Metal
Label: Peaceville
Release Date: May 31, 2019
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Falling somewhere between Black Metal and Black Sabbath, Darkthrone’s latest album, “Old Star” shows an invigorated and re-energized band that’s still making great music.  While the dark edges still remain, there’s a lot of traditional heavy metal in the mix and for my taste, it makes this album much more listenable than some of the albums that are considered black metal these days.  “The Hardship Of The Scots” is a great example of this exciting mixture.  Musically, it has some elements of Dio‘s solo style, while incorporating a decent amount of slow doom as well.  “The Key Is Inside The Wall” is another standout track for me, with the band making this morphed sound fairly accessible to the ears of both black metal fans and those who favor a more old school approach.  The change in tempos between down-trodden doom and fiery metal make for a more interesting soundscape than most songs of this genre.  Old Star proves that not only is Darkthrone still alive and creative, but quite possibly, they are making some of the best music of their careers.  Black Metal purists may not be happy with it, but I have to think that there are more than enough listeners that have found traditional black metal too repetitive at times to not find this mesh of sounds way more interesting and listenable than the same old tired formula. Congratulations are in order, as Darkthrone has made a great album at a time when rock music needs new ideas and creative minds.

Track Listing: 

1. “I Muffle Your Inner Choir”
2. “The Hardship of the Scots”
3. “Old Star”
4. “Alp Man”
5. “Duke of Gloat”
6. “The Key Is Inside the Wall”

Band Members:

Nocturno Culto – vocals, guitar, bass, production
Fenriz – drums, bass, lyrics

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