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Curse Mackey Leaves Audience Somewhat Possessed After Brilliant Performance

Curse Mackey Leaves Audience Somewhat Possessed After Brilliant Performance

Artist: Curse Mackey
When: November 2, 2019
Where: Tampa, Florida
The Crowbar
Review by: Bobby Caughron



Curse Mackey is a force to be reckoned with, as his recent performance as the opening act for My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult has proven.  Mackey has made a name for himself fronting the iconic band “Pigface” as well as “The Evil Mothers” and working with “My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult”.  Recently, Curse released his first solo album entitled “Instant Exorcism”.  These already great songs were elevated to a new level with an incredible, energetic live performance.  Having the ability to channel the influence of great artists like Trent Reznor, Marilyn Manson, and Skinny Puppy in your live performance,  without sounding like you ripped them off,  is not an easy task.  However, it’s a task that Curse Mackey handles with ease.  It’s easy to see and feel the artists that influenced his career, but make no mistake, Curse has his own unique sound.  The audience was thrilled with great songs like “O’ Blasphemy”, “Somewhat Possessed”, and “After You, Destruction”.  Performing songs from a new album that audience members may have not heard before can be a difficult task, but Curse Mackey made it look easy with a performance that left the entire audience in awe.  It’s not often that I see a performance that makes me believe that I am watching a “superstar” in the making, but Curse Mackey has the talent, raw energy, and natural stage presence to break through where so many others fail.  If you get the opportunity to catch him perform, by all means, do it.  He’s one hell of an entertainer in a time that rock music desperately needs one.

You can buy his new album “Instant Exorcism” here.

Curse Mackey Leaves Audience Somewhat Possessed After Brilliant Performance















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