Crystal Viper: Queen Of The Witches

Artist: Crystal Viper
Genre: Queen Of The Witches
Label: AFM Records
Release Date: February 17, 2017

This album starts off by going for the throat and never letting go. Marta Gabriel is an impressive vocalist with a really powerful voice. She reminds me of a lot of two of the best female metal vocalists out there….Leather Leone from Chastain and Doro Pesch. Yes, she’s really that good. Starting with the Witch Is Back, you are pummeled with a traditional power metal style that is aggressive sounding and spectacular at the same time. If traditional styled classic metal is your thing, pick this up ASAP! Musically, the band is similar in style to Grim Reaper only with female vocals. Ironically, Crystal Viper include a cover song of Grim Reaper‘s See You In Hell as a bonus track on this CD. This a really well done album from start to finish. Musically the band has the chops and sounds great. The production quality is clean and vibrant. Crystal Viper is a band that I would love to see gain more success and weather the storm for the long haul. I would highly recommend this for fans of Dio, Warlock, Chastain, Judas Priest, etc. Check out the video clip of “The Witch Is Back” below for a sample of Crystal Viper‘s heavy metal onslaught.

Track Listing:
01. The Witch Is Back
02. I Fear No Evil
03. When The Sun Goes Down
04. Trapped Behind
05. Do Or Die
06. Burn My Fire Burn
07. Flames And Blood
08. We Will Make It Last Forever
09. Rise Of The Witch Queen
CD bonus: 10. See You In Hell
LP bonus: 10. Long Live The Loud

Band Members:
Marta Gabriel- vocals, guitars, piano
Andy Wave- lead, rhythm, acoustic guitars
Tomek “Golem” Danczak- drums and percussion
Blaze J. Grygiel- bass guitar

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