Clutch – Book Of Bad Decisions (Review)

Artist: Clutch
Album: Book Of Bad Decisions
Genre: Rock
Label: Weathermaker Music
Release Date: September 7, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Clutch have returned with another magnificent album.  This is weaponized funk!  Vocalist Neil Fallon has always been a silver tongued devil and Book of Bad Decisions is no exception.  The band rip through no less than 15 solid tracks of raucous rock n’ roll bliss.   One of the greatest assets to Clutch’s album releases is that while still always sounding like Clutch, they each have their own unique sound and personality. In “How To Shake Hands” Fallon daydreams of being President Of The United States and vowing to add Jimi Hendrix to the $20 bill and comedian Bill Hicks to the $5, while releasing all the top secret UFO info that’s been withheld. “In Walks Barbarella” sees the band experiment with adding horns to the sound to create that weaponized funk that I mentioned earlier. The band is firing on all cylinders and sound fantastic on each and every song. In today’s world, Clutch is something of an endangered species. It’s not often these days that a true rock band like this still exists, let alone maintains a strong fan base of hardcore fans. Clutch have just released one of the best rock albums of the year, as well as one of the best of their career. The album may be called Book of Bad Decisions, but adding this album to your collection is anything but a bad decision. Like so many of Clutch‘s album it’s filled with witty, often tongue and cheek lyrical observations and pure rock fury. This deserves an “11 out of 1o!”

Track Listing:

Gimme the Keys
Spirit of ’76
Book of Bad Decisions
In Walks Barbarella
How to Shake Hands
Vision Quest
Weird Times
Emily Dickinson
A Good Fire
Ghoul Wrangler
Sonic Counselor
H.B. Is in Control
Hot Bottom Feeder
Paper & Strife


Band Members:

Neil Fallon-Vocals/Guitar

Jean-Paul Gaster-Drums

Dan Maines-Bass

Tim Sult-Guitar

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