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Cherie Currie – Blvds Of Splendor (Review)

Cherie Currie - Blvds Of Splendor (Review)
Artist: Cherie Currie
Album: Blvds Of Splendor
Genre: Rock / Hard Rock
Release Date: April 28, 2020
Reviewed by: Angel Alamo
Former Runaways singer Cherie Currie is back with a new album Blvds of splendor. The album which will be released on April 28, 2020, via Blackheart Records showcases a surprise mix of heavy rock songs and blues style songs on the record that showcases how diverse the record is. The album was produced by former Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum who did an amazing job in making Blvds of splendor one of the best new albums.
This is one of those albums that takes you on a musical journey where every song is important. In the age of music downloads where artists know people will listen to one or two songs, this is one of those albums where every song is great and takes you on a journey. It is one of those albums that takes you back to the days and times when you would go buy an album put the headphones one and listen to the whole record. Give credit to Cheri Currie for making this kind of record. The album kicks off with Mr. X with Slash and Duff McKagan playing on the album. Cherrie has said in past interviews that this was a fun record to make and it shows. I won’t give too much away on the album, but the title track is a surprise. The track features Smashing Pumpkins vocalist Billy Corgan singing a duet. Not every duet works out. I had no idea that this duet would work out. But, on this song, it does perfectly. If there was one song on the record where it would work out, it would be on this one. Rock N Roll Oblivion and The Air I Breathe are two ballads worth listening while sitting back and relaxing. The string sections work out on these two songs.
This is a record worth buying and listening to. In the times that we are in why not buy this record put your heads on and on go on a journey. The journey ends with a rocking remake of Runaways Queen of noise with Juliette Lewis, The veronicas, and Brody Dalle.
Blvds of Splendor Tracklist
1. “Mr. X”
2. “Roxy Roller”
3. “You Wreck Me”
4. “Black Magic”
5. “Blvds of Splendor “
6. “Force to be Reckoned With”
7. “Bad and Broken”
8. “Rock & Roll Oblivion”
9. “Shades”
10. “Draggin’ the Line”
11. “Breakout”
12. “The Air That I Breathe”
13. “What Do All the People Know?” (bonus track)
14. “Gimme” (bonus track)
15. “Queens of Noise” (bonus track)

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