Boston sludge metal band CAZADOR have just released a mini-documentary and full live set. The video was shot on location @ Arlene’s Grocery NYC by Giguana USA.

Watch the video here:

In today’s society, it can sometimes feel like there are no solutions to the problems of humanity. The unavoidable tidal wave of static seems it may doom all of us… yet a voice can still be heard. A voice of fear. A voice of anger. A voice unafraid to embrace the dark and churn it to some semblance of light.

This is the voice of CAZADOR.

One of the best-kept secrets in the Boston underground scene, CAZADOR have been bringing their nervous brew of subgenres to audiences in New England since 2015.  Blending a thick and gloomy sludge atmosphere with the melody and urgency of post-metal and hardcore, this act has begun to emerge as one of the more unique and raw up-and-coming sludge acts in New England.  Major influences for the band include the post-metal/sludge titans of Isis and Neurosis fused with the melodic hardcore sensibilities of sounds in the ilk Deftones and Poison the Well.

Upon the release of their studio debut BROKEN SUN in May 2017, and a subsequent tour of the Northeast and Midwest, CAZADOR made themselves known as a quietly charismatic collective with an emotional edge through their impassioned, high-energy performances.  With their new full length titled FAILURE TO THRIVE due out in 2019, the collective is very much looking forward to the future while expanding their sonic horizons and sharing their unique brand of emotionally charged sludge with the masses.  According to the band, the new LP reflects a sublime focus on the natural human negativity bias that forces us all to cope with the slow-burning decay of our world by the minute.  FAILURE TO THRIVE includes lyrics filled with anger and resilience juxtaposed with lush and solemn compositions combined to create melancholic anthems for a new generation of the jaded.

FAILURE TO THRIVE was released on July 12th, 2019.

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