Burning Point: The Blaze

Burning Point: The Blaze

Artist: Burning Point
Album: The Blaze
Genre: Metal
Label: AFM Records
Release Date: January 20, 2017

Finnish metalers Burning Point have really impressed me with their past releases. In 2014 the band added Nitte Valo (ex- Battlebeast) as the their new lead vocalist. After hearing and becoming accustomed to the band with a male vocalist, I was curious how the band would sound with female vocals. Good. Quite good, actually. Burning Point sounds re-energized with Nitte at the helm. She has a great vocal range and adds a little bit of neo-classical feel to the already powerful sound the band has developed. Reminiscent of Leather Leone of Chastain, Valo adds an extra layer that gives this album a real punch. While the album is great as a whole, my favorite tracks are “The Lie”, “Chaos Rising” “The King Is Dead, Long Live The Queen” and “Metal Queen” which is a well done cover of the Lee Aaron classic.  For those craving a great power metal album, this is the one to get. A solid effort by a band that truly delivers the goods.

Track Listing:
01.Master Them All
02.The Time Has Come
04.My Spirit
05.The Lie
06.Dark Winged Angel
07.Chaos Rising
08.Lost In Your Thoughts
09.Things That Drag Me Down
10.The King Is Dead, Long Live The Queen
11. Metal Queen (Bonus Track)

Band Members:
Nitte Valo – Vocals
Pete Ahonen – Guitars
Pekka Kolivuori – Guitars
Jussi Ontero – Drums
Sami Nyman – Bass
Jarkko Väisänen – Keyboards


Burning Point Official Site

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