Burdens Within – Burdens Within

burdens within

Artist: Burdens Within
Album: Burdens Within
Genre: Metal
Label: Pavement Entertainment
Release Date: January 26, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


If you’re looking for a band with a great modern metal sound, look no further. Burdens Within are here to save the day. With their debut release the band explodes onto the music scene with a thunderous roar. With more than it’s share of great classic metal riffs fused with a nice modern sound, the band makes a great statement with this release. Opening with the song “Bruised” the band delivers a knockout punch. My favorite tracks are “The Great Deceiver”, “Let’s Party”, “You Could Have Listened”, “Bruised” and a great cover of the song “For What It’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield with a mention of the current political climate . It’s a solid debut with great songs throughout. Fans of bands like Godsmack, Alice In Chains, Three Days Grace and Asking Alexandria should love Burdens Within sound. I see no reason why rock radio shouldn’t be playing these guys in their daily rotation across the nation. A new band with a fresh sound and heaviness to go around, Burdens Within prove they belong with their debut release. Get your copy anywhere that you buy music on January 26th!

Track Listing:

Bruised 4:15
Dead End Town 3:37
Devil’s Due 5:27
The Great Deceiver 4:54
Let’s Party 3:44
How Would You Feel 5:21
Illusion 3:58
You Could Have Listened 4:09
Re-Animate Me 5:35
How Would You Feel (Acoustic) 5:38
For What It’s Worth 3:45

Band Members:

Daniel Rivers – Vocals /
Ryan Kline – Bass /
Mike Riley – Rhythm Guitar /
Ryan Battering – Lead Guitar /
Craig Thomas – Drums

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