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Budderside Live Concert Review

Budderside Live Concert Review

February 9, 2018
Tampa, Florida
The Brass Mug
Review by: Bobby Caughron


Motorhead Music, the record label started by the late Lemmy Kilmister and the members of Motorhead, signed the band Budderside as their first act on the label. You can’t get any better than being hand-picked by the boys in Motorhead. Naturally, I wanted to catch Budderside perform live and I got my chance recently in Tampa, FL.

Budderside took the stage around 9:30 pm to an eager and enthusiastic audience. The band opened with the song “Open Relationship” and the crowd jumped to their feet. Lead singer Patrick Stone is quite the charismatic frontman with an incredible voice. Bass player Michael Stone was energetic and animated throughout the whole show. Drummer Rich Sacco has to be the happiest guy I’ve ever seen behind a drum kit. He had a smile on his face the entire night and seemed to be having the time of his life. Filling in for guitarist Colin Reid was Sam Koltun who did a great job delivering the blazing guitar work.

The band showcased a large portion of the tracks on their debut, self-titled album. The singles “Pain” and “Genocide” were crowd favorites, but the most surprising number of the night was the band’s cover of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”.  It was an incredibly cool rock rendition of the classic country tune. The entire band showed their versatility by playing such great material, each song with a unique and different sound.  Patrick had a great rapport with the audience, which really solidifies his ability to be a great band leader.

Here’s a band that’s taking chances and trying to deliver a different style of heavy music. After all, isn’t that what rock n’ roll has been since the beginning? It has to be dangerous to be great! The band had the entire audience wanting more when their set was over. While their set was over all too quickly, the band spent the rest of the evening at the merch booth meeting fans and signing autographs. If you’re looking for a great rock band that knows how to deliver the goods both on record and live in concert, look no further than Budderside.  Check out the Summer Tour dates below for a show near you!



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