Blacktop Mojo – Burn The Ships (Review)

Blacktop Mojo - Burn The Ships (Review)


If you haven’t heard Blacktop Mojo yet, hang on….you will….very soon.  The band is making serious waves throughout the rock world and with the release of Burn The Ships the band prove that they’re for real. With a catchy sound that combines a modern hard rock edge with about 10% Lynyrd Skynyrd thrown in for good measure, Blacktop Mojo stand apart from the current crowd of cookie cutter radio rock bands.  Starting out with “Where The Wind Blows” the band should immediately appeal to fans of Zakk Wylde‘s brand of metal with a southern twist. The band have a really hard edge while maintaining a catchy as hell melodic quality too. End of Days starts out with a great rock shuffle beat that doesn’t let you forget that they’re here to kick ass. “Burn The Ships” is a simply great song that deserves to own the title of the record. A bit darker than the preceding songs at the beginning, it quickly evolves into a great, powerful rock anthem that you’re no likely to forget anytime soon.  Blacktop Mojo‘s cover of Aerosmith‘s Dream On shows just how versatile the band’s sound can be. The entire album is a spectacular feast for your ears. The production of the album is immaculate. The great sound quality just helps propel these already great songs to new heights. “Burn The Ships” is filled with great songs that create a solid album that shouldn’t be missed by any rock fans out there. This is exactly how rock n’ roll should sound. These guys are incredible musicians and have poured their blood, sweat and tears in to making one hell of a great rock album. Blacktop Mojo prove that a great modern rock band doesn’t have to abandon rock n’ roll’s great past to be unique or relevant. I simply can’t wait to hear more from these guys.  Blacktop Mojo prove they belong and are here to stay.

Artist: Blacktop Mojo
Album: Burn The Ships
Genre: Rock / Hard Rock
Label: Cuhmon Records
Release Date: March 10, 2017
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Track Listing:

01. Where the Wind Blows
02. End of Days
03. Burn the Ships
04. Prodigal
05. Shadows on the Wall
06. Sweat
07. Pyromaniac
08. 8000 Lines
09. Dog on a Leash
10. Make a Difference
11. Chains
12. Dream On
13. Underneath


Band Members:

Matt James- Vocals
Nathan Gillis – Drums
Ryan Kiefer – Lead Guitar
Matt Curtis – Bass
Chuck Wepfer – Guitar

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